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Up-sells, cross-sells, customization, product bundles, even add-ons at checkout. All the WooCommerce Product
Add-ons functionality you need to increase sales.

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Compatible with the most popular website builders and many more, including:


Create any type of add-ons: checkbox, text field, dropdown list, select box, image upload; add additional fees for addons, and add any product add-on to the cart or at the checkout.

“Product add-ons worked perfectly to customize products at my clothing shop and increase per product sales”


Build a custom curated WooCommerce bundle for all products to increase sales and conversation rates. Product bundles create unique product shopping experiences for seasons.

“It’s simply the perfect way to bundle on a product page with opportunities to sale any item as a bundle”


Great for upsells: add upsells at the cart. Charge a flat-rate for add-ons or add a % based on the cart total. Easily and effectively increase revenue at checkout!

“We noticed about 40% of customers chose to-add on an extra item a checkout. This was a great way to immediately boost cart value!”

Get Product Add-ons

“I’m a complete beginner when it comes to building a website, yet Product Manager Add-ons was easy to navigate & use.

I just started an online Boba tea delivery store and needed to have a feature that would allow me to create customization & add-ons (the boba toppings).”

Packed With All the Features You Need

Your store is going to get a major boost, you won’t find a better Product Manager Ad-ons plugin
for WooCommerce with more value!


Overview of the powerful features of Product Manager

Product Add-ons

Upsell and assign add-ons to product, categories or all

Add-ons Types

Use Select, Checkbox, Radio and Text Price for add-ons

Add-ons Styling (Pro)

Show thumbnails, custom line items and display options

Checkout Add-ons (Pro)

Create Cart & Checkout Add-ons to increase upsell opportunities

Advanced Types (Pro)

Add quantity selectors, file add-ons and price percentages

Calculations (Pro)

Displays products add-ons as line items or sub totals

Bundles (Pro)

Create product bundles to sell products together

Samples (Pro)

Add product samples to launch and introduce new products

Restrictions (Pro)

Apply product and order restrictions to control demand

“Product Manager replaced over $500 a year in paid plugins on my website while adding extra features!”
– Alex Hunt, Steaks & More

“Product Manager Add-ons makes ordering really streamlined for my customers!

It works perfectly for allowing product quantities on each add-on. I love this software!
It’s a breath of fresh air to work with a company that stands behind their products with quality and exemplary customer service.”

Susan C.
CEO, October Skies
  🇺🇸 United States

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The Product Manager plugin is simple to use, but if you need help, our team is here to make your life easier. That’s why our customers give us industry-leading satisfaction ratings.

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Gray Huit / Leading Edge

I started using BizSwoop plugins and am extremely impressed with the quality of the plugins and the exemplary customer service.

Susan C / Agency October Skies

We are happy for support from a team of professional people. The response time was great. Before the earth rotated twice everything was working!

Matt Elderson / East Food House


Great that you can isolate the totals and rows to just be on specific category or product pages. Also the fact it is a plugin (that you can activate quickly).”

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